Thursday, 16 February 2017

Buy New Functional In Store Automation Machine Products

Imagine the world without innovation without technology; it would be a world without activity. You only see real things when transform your dreams into reality.  At Next Day Automation, we create much sought after machine products contributing to your growing business or industrial unit.  

The heart of new platform, our new list of discounted Automation Machine Products MN:


Controller NX Series
Inclusive of:

  •         Motion, Logic, Safety, Vision and HMI in one
  •         NX Overview
  •         CPU Units
  •          Power Supply Units

Controller NX1P
Inclusive of:

  •         Advanced motion control and networks for onsite IoT in a compact entry model
  •         CPU Units
  •         Digital Input / Output Unit
  •         Analog Input / Output Unit
  •         Temperature Input Unit / Heater Burnout Detection Unit
  •          Load Cell Input Unit
  •         Position Interface Unit
  •        IO-Link Master Unit
  •        Communications Interface Units
  •        System Unit

Controller NJ Series 
Inclusive of:

  •          Motion, Logic, Safety, Vision and HMI in one
  •       CPU Units
  •         Power Supply Units
  •        Basic I/O Units
  •    Special I/O Units
  •       CPU Bus Units
  •       Other Units

Next day automation provides the work of software combined expansion environment to set up, program, repair, and maintain the series of controllers and other Automation Machine Products MN. These products are designed for variety of industrial application use, for long term benefits to your industrial processes. 

Next day automation is the largest one stop solution to cutting edge machine tools and equipment. Buy durable, highly functional, supreme quality machine products at low prices. 

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