Monday, 28 December 2015

4 Important Benefits Provided by Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation is a quite familiar term in the modern times. It includes the use of modern control systems such as computers, sensors, robots, logic controllers, advanced mechanisms, etc., for handling various industrial manufacturing processes with the aim of increasing production and at the same time minimizing human interference. Initially, the automation was primarily used for achieving bulk production, but today it focuses on enhancing the quality of manufactured products and making the whole production process more flexible.

Industrial Automation offers several benefits to the modern industries. We are mentioning here four important benefits provided by industrial automation:

1. Increased Productivity – Automation makes it possible to run an industry or plant round-the-clock. It also leads to enhanced production speed, which results in increased industrial productivity.

2. Enhanced Quality – A great advantage of automating a manufacturing process is that it eliminates almost all chances of defects in the manufactured products owing to human error. Also, the automated systems are not prone to exhaustion by repetitive action for long hours, which is not the case with human beings, so they provide uniform quality.

3. More Flexibility – In case of conventional production, modifying or adding a step to the production line is a cumbersome task at it requires training of the workforce and sometimes additional workforce. But, this is not the case with automated machines, which can be programmed to perform a task differently or to add a task; this saves time and costs, and provides great flexibility.

4. Higher Safety – The introduction of industrial automation in a manufacturing process ensures a higher level of safety for the workers working on a production line as the risky tasks are now done by the automated machines rather than the workers.

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Friday, 11 December 2015

Know Importance of Pneumatic Controls for Automation in Industries

Pneumatic controls for Automation are being used, essentially in food and drink commercial enterprises where hygienic conditions must be dealt with. Pneumatics have numerous points of advantages, including an effortlessness of outline, low support necessities and superb unwavering quality due to some degree to the utilization of packed air as the force source, which is successfully dormant and promptly accessible. Likewise, these frameworks are characteristically protected so they can be utilized as a part of perilous airs, for example, those in the petro-chemical industry.

Pneumatic control systems can be categorized under two groups- centralized and decentralized. As the names propose, the principle control systems will either be assembled in the lobby or situated at the point of control, for example, a process control valve. A centralized control system is the more customary arrangement and will as a rule includes a control board containing a bank of control solenoids which are associated with the procedure control valves utilizing carriers alone. In a decentralized framework, the air supply is encouraged direct to the control valve and the essential control head uses control signs to figure out what activity is required. The decision of framework is subjected to the application since both have their preferences relying upon the circumstances. The essential point is to guarantee that the framework is legitimately composed and introduced to guarantee productive and dependable operation.

Once the design scope is agreed, even for the simplest of installations, it is important to ensure that the proposed design will produce an effective and efficient control system which will be easy to maintain and, if necessary, clean to the required standard. Although many of the components used in a pneumatic control system are relatively cheap, the cost of generating the compressed air is not much and so it is crucial that the air is used in the most efficient way.

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