Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Cost Reduction With Pneumatics Controls for Automation

Pneumatic Automation systems can be designed to work for a large number of automated applications by utilizing standard components like sensors, valves, air motors, programmable controllers, PLC Logic controllers and other similar devices. Used in number of industries and applications, Pneumatics Controls for Automation precisely controls the movement of materials and machinery. g offer many advantages, including opportunities for cost reduction by looking for methodologies to save money and time.

Frequently an easy fix for cost reduction is ideally used, but time and money are often wasted if machine operators stand idle watching an automatic machine work. Therefore using Pneumatic Controls for automation can make it run in a smooth and efficient manner without any need for human supervision. Loading and unloading functions can be made easier using Pneumatics Control for Automation thus saving the cost required for these functions.

The initial cost that is required to set up a pneumatic system is very low because of its simple design and inexpensive materials such as plastic or aluminum that it is composed of. Pneumatics basically means a set of interrelated automation components that use compressed air as a source of power. Below given are the types of Pneumatic devices:
  1. Airline treatment devices that include filters, regulators. Lubricators and dryers.
  2. Motion and work generating devices like cylinders, rotary actuators, automatic drills, powerpress, air motors.
  3. Control products can include directional valves, sensors, logic valves and programmers, all of which are cable to respond to electronic or other forms of input.
  4. Connection products can include fittings and tubing that link power and control elements.
  5. Accessory products can include pressure boosters, air-over-oil devices and vacuum generators.

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