Monday, 12 October 2015

The Role of Automation Electrical Motors in Modern Industries

Automation has become a characteristic feature of the 21st century. Automation, in simple words, signifies the use of modern technology in order to make certain industrial and other processes automatic and to eliminate or minimize human intervention. Automation has considerably increased the efficiency of industrial operations and has also made mass production a conveniently achievable target. Automation is not only confined to the industrial premises, but it has entered in several other aspects of our day to day life. Knowingly or unknowingly we daily come in contact with the automation technology. The ATM machine, the thermostat, the microwave oven, the Smartphone, the energy saver, the robotic vacuum cleaner, and a lot more products and equipment, which are based on automation, have become a part and parcel of our routine lives today. What we know little is that automation electrical motors make this automation technology successful.

Automation electrical motors, sensors, pneumatics controls for automation, computer technology and linear motion products are behind the majority of automation products, equipment, and machinery that we see today. Most importantly, automation motors make the automation products function successfully. These motors come in varied powers and specifications to suit different requirements. These motors could be basic, hybrid, torque, permanent magnet, brushless, and of various other types. Each of them is suitable for certain application areas. Motors are so important in the automation function because they create motion and make the things function. Take for example the power windows in your car, with the press of a button you can open and shut the window glass; this is made possible by a motor, which is fitted behind your car’s door panel.

Pneumatics Controls for Automation

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