Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Primary Advantages Of Using Pneumatic Controls For Automation In Industries

The pneumatic technology denotes the use of pressurized gas or compressed air to produce mechanical motion. Nowadays, this technology is being used in many industrial processes. Pneumatic automation systems can be designed to work for a variety of automated applications by using them in combination with the components such as actuators, valves, grippers, sensors, and so.

Pneumatic controls for automation provide several important advantages over the conventional electrical control systems. Some of their primary advantages are listed below:

  1. These controls could be used for mass or bulk production in industries at very low costs.
  2. Since pneumatic devices work without electricity, there is no hazard of fire due to short circuit, etc.
  3. Some specialized pneumatic devices are fit to be used in high-temperature and high-radiation industrial zones, while electrical control systems require adequate protection for the same.
  4. Pneumatic controls continue to work in case of power failure because they require only compressed air to function.
  5. Pneumatic controls and equipment are cost saving because they work on compressed air instead of electricity.
  6. The initial cost of setting pneumatic systems is also low owing to their simple design and inexpensive material.

The introduction of pneumatic controls for automation in industries has certainly provided a strong and better alternative for the electrical and hydraulic control systems.

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